EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell has opened a new enterprise, ‘Cargo Gym’ at the Saffrons.

She congratulated Sam who is the driving force behind it. 

Caroline said: “I had seen the gym advertised before but it was only on arrival at the Saffrons that I understood how it got its name…

This is an ingenious use of an x-shipping container to provide very accessible storage for Cargo Gym’s equipment. It’s then set up to sit out all the beauty and wide green space of the Saffrons grounds. Super ventilated!! 

Getting the nation fit is a major public health imperative and new opportunities like these are great. Massive congratulations to Sam, his team and supporters, it’s inspiring to see the town coming back to life this like. 

The atmosphere was brilliant and the banter very funny.  Next time, I’ll do a class! Roll back all those hours on zoom.”