EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell has praised this week’s Budget.

Here’s her views: “All talk for the rest of the week will be on the Budget and the continuing government covid support for the country.

I think the honesty from The Chancellor about how we pay for all the pandemic support was really important and there will be targeted tax rises to plug the country’s finances.

I also very much welcome the extension of the 5% VAT reduction until September and the tapering after that into next year.

I have been very keen to tell Rishi Sunak that I wanted this reduction for our town which is so dependent on tourism and hospitality and I do welcome it. Eastbourne Hospitality Association also agreed.

However, since I first became an MP in 2015, I have wanted a permanent 5% VAT rate for the tourism industry. I will continue this campaign and now we have a chance to make the case with real data from this reduction.

I would also add I made it clear to the government I wanted the £20 uplift in Universal Credit to be extended and I am pleased this has happened.

I think it is now fair to say we have a clear roadmap out of lockdown and a clear economic road map to balance the books, invest in green technology and infrastructure, protect jobs and businesses and support the vulnerable.”