EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell has launched a fierce attack on LibDem rival Josh Babarinde.

Yesterday, he branded her a “hypocrite” after voting to criminalise those who come to the UK to seek sanctuary.

Caroline is not impressed:

“I am disappointed at the tone of these misguided accusations. I never make personal attacks on my political opponents.Tackling the failing immigration system in this country was a manifesto commitment by the Conservative party that won an 80-seat majority in 2019.
The immigration system is broken, as witnessed by the small boats dangerously carrying people to this country. Images we all see and are concerned about.
Ministers have been clear that there needs to be a system that is fair and limits the numbers of migrants to sustainable levels but gives refuge to those who need it. The Nationality and Borders Bill achieves that.
This country has welcomed people for centuries and just in the last few years and weeks, Syrians, Afghans and now Ukrainians are coming here in their thousands. This fact alone makes nonsense of these allegations. The UK will always be a refuge for those in genuine need.
I also think Mr Babarinde does not understand the pressure our town is under with the sheer number of those we house and support that have come over on these boats.
His party’s desire is to return to the arms of the EU as quickly as possible and to open borders. This will make matters much worse.”