EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell says this government has invested more than £1 billion in the town since she became MP.

This comes after the Chancellor announced £20m Levelling Up money for Eastbourne.

Caroline said: “There was brilliant news for Eastbourne in the Budget this week when the Chancellor announced a further £20 million of Towns Fund money to level up and regenerate our town over the next decade.

On the announcement of this latest money, I’m pleased to report back that we have hit the billion-pound mark on government investment to support our town since I’ve been the MP. I know this because my team tracks every win and records when money is announced.

I champion Eastbourne at every opportunity. I cannot take credit – and nor would I – for every penny that has come our way, but I have been at the table and pushing hard on many of them, especially the larger projects.

Of course, the big-ticket item is the new hospital due around the end of this decade. But £34 million has already been spent on it in the shape of the new Sussex Surgical Centre that is rising out of the ground at the DGH site right now.

Other substantial funding is the first levelling-up money part of which will transform Black Robin Farm into a world-class visitor destination, that was nearly £20 million. In just the last few weeks, Eastbourne Borough Council has received over a million of government funding to tackle homelessness.

Another £100 million of government money is going to be spent on sea defences to keep our town safe from the waves for a century or more.

Other sums come in lower but are already bringing hugely positive benefits. A quick look down the list sees money for things such as £16 million for the brand new Summerdown Special School back in 2021.

There have also been grants to improve disabled access, restore heritage, tackle crime, increase training opportunities and active travel – it’s a long list.”