Eastbourne and Willingdon MP Caroline Ansell has spoken in Parliament to urge transitional support for renters who have got into arrears due to Covid. 

The Government put in place a ban on evictions last year to protect people during the pandemic but it is due to end next month on the 31st May. 

Caroline spoke to Eastbourne Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) last week and there is a growing fear that some families will be at risk of losing their homes. 

Speaking during Topical Questions in the House of Commons on Monday, Caroline asked the housing secretary Robert Jenrick: “The eviction ban instituted by my right honourable friend last year and due to end in May has undoubtedly saved untold misery.  

“Now, covid-related rent arrears, built over successive lockdowns, are a very real danger. Will my right honourable friend outline how measures will evolve to support individuals, families and landlords to sustain viable tenancies as we move into recovery?” 

In reply the minister said: “As we transition out of the road map to recovery, we will be providing some further details on the next steps that we envisage to protect renters and ensure landlords get the best service and the help they need.” 

Speaking afterwards Caroline added: “The Government’s eviction ban was certainly the right approach and the majority of renters are secure but for those families in arrears, hit hard by covid and who haven’t yet been able to recover their situation, uncertainty looms as the deadline to lift the eviction ban approaches. 

“I am pleased the minister made it clear further measures will be forthcoming but time is ticking away and, after speaking to Eastbourne CAB last week, it is clear new measures will be very much needed to protect those as risk of homelessness.     

“There is also the issue of how landlords cope too. Many people might like to think landlords don’t matter but there are landlords in severe financial difficulties due to covid rent arrears and need support too. For some, this rental income pays care home fees for a partner, for others, it’s their own mortgage.   

“The ripple effects of the pandemic are still very much with us and I will urge the Government to focus on keeping roofs above people’s head during these challenging times while being mindful of any impact on landlords.”