YESTERDAY the local LibDems highlighted what they said was a drop in police numbers.

Not so says Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell.

Here’s her view:

“Tackling crime is a key priority for me, and a key commitment from the 2019 manifesto was to see an uplift in police numbers by 20,000.

Nationally it was confirmed that over 16,000 have joined since then and within touching distance of that national target.

What does that mean for us in Eastbourne? It means more police for us too. The latest stats across the county show we have 679 more police. 

In fact, this uplift has meant more patrols in the town centre giving us all peace of mind. 

Our Conservative PCC Katy Bourne – who I work closely with – has also worked to increase policing numbers and retain neighbourhood policing.

Working together, and with Conservative Police Ministers, we have secured over £500,000 for Eastbourne in the form of Safer Streets Funding for the town centre, the area around the Redoubt, the seafront and most visibly the lighting in Gildredge Park. 

All of this has had an impact on crime statistics and nationally we have seen a drop in neighbourhood crime of 48% since 2010 and 22% since 2020. 

I meet with local police chiefs regularly and I want to thank them and their teams for all their work.”