EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell has spelt out to us all that Lockdown 3 is so important.

Sussex Resilience Forum yesterday declared a major incident for Sussex as rising coronavirus infections see the county face ‘unprecedented pressures’.

Caroline said last night: “This is the clearest local indication why the government has undertaken this latest lockdown and how I am happy to support those restrictions.

Sussex has been struggling to contain infections for some weeks and the declaration of a major incident is one of the tools our covid frontline organisations have at their disposal. It’s right for it to be used to reflect the serious sustained pressure the NHS is now under and real concerns it might soon be worse.

I have every confidence in our NHS, emergency services and other related organisations in Sussex because it’s clear they fully understand the position right now.

It is also a very strong public message about what we all need to do to stop infections and deaths in our communities. This is a very serious situation and this latest development is a flag in the ground that more support might be required. 

Please be in no doubt everyone must stay at home, wash their hands regularly, keep a distance from people when outside and, crucially, if anyone develops symptoms, they must self-isolate immediately and book a Covid test.”