THE Chancellor Rishi Sunak ‘is doing his absolute best to protect lives and livelihoods while balancing the need to look to the future with plans to invest in our United Kingdom.’

So says Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell.

She said: “This emergency has already impacted private sector workers and is now to be felt with the freeze in public sector pay, although I applaud the Chancellor for announcing pay rises for those on the health frontline and on low incomes.

Extra money to fight the pandemic in the shape of billions to the NHS, local authorities and social care is most welcome in what will be a tough winter as we remain hopeful for a vaccine soon.

There is important investment in prospect, not least for us in a new hospital and new special school but the times are undeniably challenging.

In related news on our future hopes and aspirations, it is wonderful to see the fisherman’s quay at Sovereign Harbour taking shape and with the Fisheries Bill receiving Royal Assent this week, there are new opportunities to land! The Quay will prove to be a popular visitor destination too, I am sure, and I was pleased to play my part here in Eastbourne and in Westminster.”