IT’S been causing concern locally…

LibDem candidate Josh Babarinde called a public meeting on the issue.

But East Sussex County Council’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) met this week to discuss its review of the changes to paediatric services at the DGH.

And this review report found amongst others “that the new model of care is safe.”

Here’s our MP Caroline Ansell: “Before the December HOSC I spoke with Committee Chair and Ratton Councillor Colin Belsey requesting that further review of the decision took place following the local concern expressed by parents. 

A review panel was established with Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Councillors all involved hearing evidence from clinicians and hospital bosses on the changes. 

This review report found amongst others “that the new model of care is safe” and there has been an improvement in assessments time with children being seen in as little as 15 minutes. Nor has there been an additional transfer of patients to Hastings. It listed some improvements on pathways, and better consultation in the future.

HOSC will also keep an eye on the changes as they continued to be implemented over the coming year. 

It was also good to hear more about the independent clinical review that has been commissioned by the trust in order to give public confidence to the plans. 

As I have said before if you need paediatric care, please continue to use the DGH.”