Mini First Aid East Sussex, Brighton & Hove is staging a very special charity event on Sunday at More Than Cake in Eastbourne.

“We don’t all get to have the birth or postnatal experience that we hoped we would BUT we always hope that the services that we need are there to help us if it does all go wrong.

When it all went so very wrong for me and for Meredith I was lucky that the special care baby unit at Conquest Hospital was just down the corridor with the medicine, technology and expertise needed to save her life.

Many of us locally will have spent time at this unit whether it was hours, days, weeks or months but what people sometimes don’t know is that the unit have to fund all the little extras for parents staying with them themselves.

Things we don’t even think about like bedding for those ‘rooming in’ and staying in the unit with their baby like I did or spoons to make a coffee. These are all bought out of donations or money raised ⭐

That’s why I’m doing a charity 2 hour baby and child first aid class for parents and carers this Sunday at More Than Cake in Eastbourne 10-12 with Louise from Dave and Maddie. It’s still £20pp and the same award winning content that’s ideal for new parents, not so new parents, expectant parents, grandparents, carers, babysitters and more. I’ll be covering CPR, choking, bumps, breaks, burns, bleeding, febrile seizures and meningitis awareness from newborn to puberty.

All of the money from places sold will go straight to funding items for parents in the unit. There are 6 places left that we would love to be taken up – that’s an extra £120 we could raise with your help. If you’d like to come along then please contact Louise at Dave and Maddie to book a place. Not only will you learn essential first aid skills for your little ones but you’ll be raising money for a good cause too.”

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