A FAMILY is upset after their dog was attacked yesterday.

The attack took place in West Dean, an area which is hidden just off the Seaford to Eastbourne coast road. 

Two young children were terrified.

Jacques Pienaar said: “My wife and I were walking our dog with our young daughters near West Dean yesterday.

Our girls are only 4 and 7 and our dog is very friendly.

At around 12 pm a german shepard appeared out of nowhere and started mounting our dog.

When our dog protested, the german shepard started attacking him.

Our dog was off the lead, as was the other, but the owner just looked on blowing his dog whistle. Our children were petrified.

It was only by prodding the attacking dog with a large stick that I was able to end the attack.

The offending dog returned to his on- looking owner who, to his credit, apologised about my children being upset, but defended keeping his aggressive dog on the lead!

I don’t know this man. He might be very sweet if you get to know him, but if you see him or his dog I would recommend getting as far away as possible.

My children remain traumatised and luckily our dog wasn’t badly injured.”