We have all got to start making better use of the planet’s resources-whatever our age! So let’s start early. Reusable Nappy Week (19 – 25 April 2021) is the perfect introduction to reuse and recycling.

It’s a packed week of awareness-raising activities for all things reusable nappies.

Wealden District Council is supporting the Reusable Nappy Week by offering free* nappy trial kits to residents in the District.

The world of washable nappies is not what it used to be! Modern reusable nappies are advanced, easy-to-use and leave any hard work to the washing machine.

They will:

  • save you a fortune over disposable nappies.
  • can be kind to your baby’s skin.
  • are great for the environment.

Save up to £1,000

The average baby will use at least 4,000 nappies until they are potty-trained.  By using washable nappies, families can make a financial saving of up to £1,000 and more if the same nappies are used on subsequent children. Don’t forget the cost to our environment: Every year we use 3 billion disposable nappies in the UK. They are one of the biggest contributors to single-use plastic waste. The carbon footprint of nappy usage can be reduced by 40% if reusable nappies are used instead of disposable nappies. Reusable nappies also use 98% fewer raw materials.

Why not give washable nappies a go by trying our free Reusable Nappy kit? You can try out different styles and materials to see which you and baby like best before you buy a bulk pack. Free advice is available throughout the trial.

For more information on Wealden’s Nappy Trial Kit, please contact us at recycling@wealden.gov.uk, visit our website www.wealden.gov.uk or call 01323 443322.

For more information about the environmental benefits using real nappies, visit the Go Real – the Real Nappy Information Service Facebook page.

* A £25 deposit is required to take part in the trial which is refundable on the return of the nappies.