VICTORIA Baptist Church has partnered with charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP) to launch a new, free debt-counselling service for Eastbourne residents.

Senior Minister Chris Short said: “Debt stress can be so destructive. It affects family relationships, physical and mental health, and can be very isolating.

As a compassionate community, we wanted to provide people with a route out of debt and CAP is distinct because it does that in partnership with the church.

“Sometimes people feel they have made mistakes but very often they have been driven into debt by suffering from job loss, relationship breakdown, or coping wit illness or bereavement – situations that are often difficult, emotional and have a financial impact.

“Our dedicated Debt Centre Manager, Helen Diplock, who has been through training with CAP, will offer a face-to-face, tried-and-tested professional service which willsee people escape the debt trap and get their lives back on track.”

● All our Debt Centre services are FREE
● The centre is open to everyone, regardless of faith
● CAP’s free helpline number is 0800 328 0006
● Our service is unique as we work in depth, and support them until they’re
debt free
● 94% of all CAP clients described our service as “life transforming” or “a great help”, 99% of all clients would recommend CAP.

CAP has around 300 church-based debt help-centres across the UK offering a free service which begins with three home visits.
TV’s Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has described CAP as “unsurpassed” in its in-depth service which encourages and supports each household as they work towards the day that they are debt free