CITY Fibre are under attack from new Hampden Park borough councillor Josh Babarinde.

He says they are providing a great service but not to the detriment of community assets.

Here’s Josh last night: “I’ve been getting to work right away – starting with pressing for urgent action with some of the pavement work barriers across our ward.

The gusts have blown many of these barriers, part of City Fibre’s internet works, across the streets and roads, creating hazards (new obstacles + exposed holes dug in the ground) for cars and pedestrians alike.

I’ve just reassembled a bunch of them on Brodrick Road myself to minimise some of the immediate risks (before and after pics below), and have now spoken to East Sussex County Council’s Highways Department who have agreed to work with City Fibre to source more sandbags to weigh the barriers down.

ESCC will be out in the next couple of hours to begin sorting properly.

There is also a wider point around City Fibre really stepping up to preserve the integrity of our area.

They’re doing us a great service in improving our internet access but this cannot be to the detriment of other community assets like our grass verges and the rest.

I’m seeing far too much mess left behind with no clear plan to address it. It’s a top priority of mine and my councillor colleagues to hold City Fibre to account on this. I’ll keep you posted on our progress on this.”