OH Dear!

Yesterday our new Hampden Park councillor Josh Babarinde was praising the folk at CityFibre, who have been wrecking our grass verges.

He thanked them ‘for taking our concerns seriously and for acting on them.’ CityFibre has repaired damaged grass verges in Hampden Park – Bournefree Live – Latest news from Eastbourne, Polegate, Hailsham, Pevensey, Bexhill and Sussex.

Well Josh, it may be wise to speak to Hampden Park resident Frank Woods after his post this afternoon.

Frank said: “So what was the horrendous disturbance in Brampton Road at 11.15 p.m. on a Bank Holiday weekend? . . .

Was it an emergency water leak? . . . Was it an emergency gas leak? . . . No, neither – it was those uncaring CityFibre folk! Unbelievable.”

He has posted a video too (1) Facebook

What on earth are CityFibre doing? Josh, we hope you will be contacting them today on behalf of the residents………

Shocking stuff.

This is what they say: “Eastbourne, we’ll soon be building a full fibre network in your area, which will futureproof your digital infrastructure for decades to come.

Our teams will be carrying out construction to install the network – which will enable access to fast, reliable, high-capacity internet services.

Never before has quality digital connectivity been so important. By building a town/city-wide network, we want to ensure everyone can benefit from the best available network technology, whether it’s at home, work, school or when using other services in your community.”