Its December 2021 and another year has passed, our Meads clinic has been open now for almost 9 months and currently it’s so far so good.

I thought this would be good time as it’s the end of the year to share our story and give you an insight into the journey so far…

2013 – 2016

We started out as a husband and wife couple that had a business idea, we met in the health, wellness, fitness and nutrition industry so our outlook and attitude towards life was fairly similar.

We are both passionate people so aligning our energy and experience to open the company together seemed like a good call. We could see that things were changing, clients were looking for answers beyond nutrition & exercise and technology lead treatments were quickly becoming a worthwhile endeavour.

In the beginning we had our philosophy and values but were almost a touch lost in what we wanted to be and what part of the industry we saw ourselves in, did we want to be a general aesthetics clinic that did a selection of non-invasive procedures… or, were we something a bit different…

The late Steve Jobs once said… ‘you cannot connect the dots looking forward but success leaves clues so it’s much easier to connect the dots looking back’.

Unfortunately for us there was no one to really model ourselves on, the industry was pretty much brand new and we were one of the first through the door.

In 2013 and 2014 we knew we had something that was completely different to 99% of other clinics around at the time. We were finding our feet with different technological advancements, some good some not so good, which manufacturers had the best support and what brands had the highest quality equipment.

From the outset the purpose of Aesthetics is relatively simple, to provide a solution to a problem that cannot be overcome through conventional methods.

We wanted to offer non-invasive procedures that aided towards fat reduction, skin tightening, cellulite reduction and various skin conditions, BUT, we wanted to incorporate our knowledge, experience and skill set to deliver a much more rounded and comprehensive customer experience. It baffled me back then and still does today how other clinics can offer similar services but not take other contributing factors into consideration, or for that matter even practice what they are preaching.

The fitness and nutrition world is about results, goals and problem solving. It’s a case of:

1. This is where you are today

2. These are the key factors holding you back

3. This is what you want to achieve

4. This is the roadmap to achieving it.

By late 2016 we had our identity, we knew what treatments worked, where the innovations were going to come from and how to deliver the service as a rounded package.

2016 – 2019

By the end of 2016 non-invasive procedures such as Radio Frequency (skin tightening) and Cryotherapy (fat reduction) were getting more and more advanced and consequently more and more effective.

On the fat reduction side we were helping clients achieve sustainable and consistent weight loss through nutritional consulting and then aiding this journey by using Cryotherapy to permanently spot reduce body fat on hard to shift areas such as the lower stomach or love handles. We then took this approach and applied it on all other services that tilted towards giving people progress.

We only wanted to offer procedures and treatments that were going to improve or give progress to the health, skin condition and confidence of an individual.

A few examples:

– Facial vein removal and reduction = Thermavein & Dermalux LED light therapy

– Cellulite reduction = Lipofirm Pro Radio Frequency with DMA technology

– Fat reduction = Cryotherapy (Fat Freezing)

– Anti-ageing = Micro-needling, Meso Therapy, Facial skin tightening

By the start of 2018 we had identified a clear market segment that encapsulated our philosophy and values, we knew exactly what treatments to provide that gave the maximum benefit with the minimum risk. In truth (and to the best of our knowledge) we were back in 2013 and still our now the only Aesthetics clinic that focuses on solutions to problems with a combination of cutting-edge procedures with a wellness and holistic approach.

2019 to date

On one side you have our Weight loss and Fat reduction service. This involves the non-invasive procedure (as previously mentioned) which is seen as an alternative to liposuction, known as: Fat Freezing or Cryolipolysis as a technical term. There are other clinics that now offer this treatment but none that do so with a full body bio impedance data scan that can assess a multitude of different health and performance factors. We use the InBody 270 analysis machine for this, we then look at the individual’s nutritional health and lifestyle to see if any changes need to be made, often without causing too much ‘lifestyle’ compromise. This combination enables us to achieve fast, sustainable, and healthy results in the most efficient way possible.

On the other side you have our skin care range of treatments and products.

We have worked hard here to source a multitude of different treatment platforms and skin care product ranges, there is a fair amount to choose from and this side is constantly evolving.

We currently work with 8 different brands and product ranges on the skin side to offer the best treatment programmes we can.

The Future…

It’s an exciting time for us and for you, scientific breakthroughs are happening all the time in this industry, you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved.