AN Eastbourne men’s designer clothing and footwear store is asking us all to help the homeless at Christmas.

Disdressed is situated in The Enterprise Centre and only opened recently.

Now staff want to make a difference to people’s lives this Christmas.

They say: “Here at DisDressed we’ve seen first hand just how much of a difficult year it’s been for everyone, one that none of us will forget!

As we approach that busy time of year full of hustle, bustle and presents let’s remember those of us that are less fortunate at this time of year!

We’re sure that a lot of you will be opening some fantastic goodies and gifts but we also know that some people will open no presents at all or receive any gifts on the morning of Christmas.

Disdressed is on a mission and needs you! Any clothes, particularly jumpers/joggers/coats which have been worn once or twice and aren’t used anymore; please bring them along to our store as we will be donating items to the @matthew25mission to strive for a warmer winter for those who are less fortunate.

Any items you do not wear anymore but are good as new could really make someone’s Christmas

Please donate anything you can by the 20th Of December ready for us to donate on Christmas Eve.

Covid 19 Disclaimer- Please donate whichever items you can in a black bin bag tied in a knot at the top. This will be stored in our stockroom for the month with all clothes being isolated for 72hrs prior to donation. Let’s give all of Eastbourne a warm winter!”

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