The mission of Club 97 is to preserve and present the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality. The Club produces art work to the widest possible audiences and is committed to encouraging public enlightenment, discourse and engagement.

In the very heart of Eastbourne,  our industrial cocktail carnival meets the quirkiness of The new age. Where bright colours & neon signs pop from an array of flowers entwining through the club of passion. Enjoy high end cocktails & beats surrounded by artwork embellished with exotic features.

That is the message from owners Levi Scott and Shannon Wood as the popular venue in South Streets reopens on May 6.

It has undergone a complete revamp and now looks truly amazing.

“We are the number 1 place to be in the Eastbourne nightlife scene.

“We offer a completely unique choice . This is the place to be in Eastbourne – whether you want a cup of coffee or high-end cocktail.”

Anton Mellor is the new manager. He’s vastly experienced, managed his first pub aged just 19 and has worked in the hospitality sector for 11 years, including in top London venues.

Club 97 opens from noon daily, closing at midnight five days of the week and 1am Friday and Saturday nights.

These are some of the main attractions:

A new Top-quality cocktail menu different to anything seen in Eastbourne before

A Highly experienced staffing team

CLUB97 offer premium beverages, including the famous premium Japanese lager and drinks supplied by the Meantime Brewery Company in London

We provide Two floors for our clients that offer two different experiences depending on their requirements of the night. 

Our newly developed Heated back garden

WE are also proud to announce our new front seating area which consists of quirky funky furniture For our adventurous clients 

Our Cub kitchen is also due to open shortly serving a variety of delicious tasty bites 

we open at 12 daily and also offer an afternoon tea and coffee service

Live DJ at weekends

We have introduced a New dance floor to the club, which will allow our clients to express themselves further and really enjoy their time at the club

Levi and Anton said: “We are determined to make Club 97 the biggest hit not just in Eastbourne but in the south.

“There will be regular live entertainment with an emphasis on fun. The neon lights will change regularly so too will our amazing artwork, giving our clients a new experience each visit.

“We provide a different vibe and different experiences. The downstairs bar will have more of a lounge feeling, and upstairs full on club vibes.

“We have VIP areas; and stride to give the premium feel delivering the best service to all our customers.

“We will be putting on a show for our customers every time they come in to Club 97, this isn’t just your average night out.

“People will come here for a show, for a great time and we are going to deliver big time.

“I cannot stress highly enough the quality of our new team. We’ve handpicked the very best people with the experience we need to make Club 97 what it is today.

“All of our drinks are amazing. The atmosphere is great and people will get the best of both worlds, upstairs or downstairs. 

“All our drinks are top quality, this is not your standard cocktail bar.”

Club97 now offers adult interactive gaming, from classic pac man machines to grabbing machines that clients can win BIG on.

Levi is also keen to stress that he wants to keep Club 97 community-focused and he welcomes contact from local charities to organise sponsored events outside and inside the establishment.

We are a club that promotes equality and diversity, we want to encourage the younger and older generations to come together here, to feel safe and welcome. A place that suits everyone’s needs, in the best possible ways.

Club 97 is at 114 South Street.