Coffee Leonati is to start serving coffee at Abbots Wood from Boxing Day.

It will be the official outlet serving coffee, hot chocolate, tea and snacks.

It serves local Sussex roasts from around the world.

On its website, it says: “Born out of the Covid epidemic, Coffee Leonati was created from one of our Taxi Photo Booths ( and my lust for coffee.

“Early 2020, and my photo booths lay idle, many of which were unique vehicles converted solely to take photos and print instantly at events and parties. The taxi photo booths had been used with many brands such as BP, Microsoft, Tesco and a launch for a Little Mix perfume.

As the virus spread and lockdown continued, I couldn’t see a situation where a 100+ people would jig around together in a confined space at a party again for a quite a while. So I decided to change direction, I thought at least with coffee and pizza there was a chance sell in the Covid world.

“I first converted the pizza taxi, with the help of a local fabricator, installing small compact ovens, one in each window, making it the world’s first 3 oven London Pizza Taxi. The pizzas take just 90 seconds to cook in the 430c degree temperatures. Food is prepared outside the cab, allowing the chef to chat to customers and create the theatre of cooking pizza.

“The Iconic London Taxi first launched in 1958 continued up to 1997 in it’s most recognised form. We own 9 of these taxis and have them modified as Photo Booths. Converting the second one to a coffee cab was a joy.”