OPINION – Eastbourne Tory Councillor Colin Belsey

I have lived in Eastbourne for 55 years next year and love the town.

I have been honoured and fortunate for over 30 of those years to have been a councillor on Eastbourne Borough Council.

I thought I’d seen and heard it all, but that was before this month’s meeting of the council.  

I can’t believe that the Liberal Democrats actually put out a press release describing our sea bathing waters as “a tsunami of human waste.”

Apart from the fact that this is wild talk, it is also an act of total self harm for our town, its hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and all our retail outlets.

I am surprised the Chamber of Commerce have not said something regarding this statement.

Language like this will do nothing to encourage people to visit our town.

I have a feeling David Tutt, who I have great respect for, would not have seen this go out when he was leader of the Council.

Cllr.Colin Belsey

Ratton Ward