EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell says there are ‘concerns about increased anti-social behaviour on the seafront.’

She has made the claim in comments about Brighton and Hove Council housing 134 homeless people in Eastbourne.

Catoline said: “Everyone wants to see an end to the suffering of homelessness and it is the government’s ambition to do so but Brighton is a city with city-sized services to help homeless people – many with complex needs around drink and drug dependency.

“It has also received extra government money to tackle this issue.

“If this continues then Eastbourne’s health, social care, council and law enforcement services will simply be overwhelmed and that will help no-one.  

“Longer term, there are issues for our hospitality industry if hotels designed to cater for tourists are used in this way.

“Already I have had people contact me with concerns about increased anti-social behaviour on the seafront.

“I very much hope Brighton and Hove City Council will react positively and communicate with Eastbourne. 

“In the meantime, I will also be speaking to the relevant government ministers to see what can be done.”