EASTBOURNE Borough Council has hit back at an Eastbourne taxi driver bemused that his efforts to go green were allegedly blocked by red tape which stopped his livelihood.

Dean O’Hara, from Sovereign Harbour, decided to replace his ageing petrol cab with an environmentally-friendly electric vehicle.

Mr O’Hara was told that his new vehicle could not be licensed because it might set a trend.

Not so says Eastbourne Borough Council.

It has now said: “Mr O’Hara has simply been asked to submit an application in order for him to use his new car as a taxi. This procedure is perfectly normal and we look forward to receiving it.   

The council is very supportive of greener and cleaner technology. In 2019 we declared a climate emergency and in 2020 we launched a strategy to become carbon net zero by 2030. 

Activities include decarbonising all council vehicles, decarbonising Eastbourne Homes housing stock, buying renewable electricity and reducing energy consumption, tree planting plus other nature enhancing projects and encouraging residents to recycle more and produce less waste.”

Dean’s case was taken up by his local councillors in Sovereign Ward who are appalled at the way he’s been treated in his efforts to put a sustainable taxi on the road in Eastbourne.

Not so insists the borough council.