Eastbourne Borough Council has launched a crackdown on littering, fly-tipping, graffiti and dog fouling across the town. 

Cabinet councillors last night (Wednesday, February 9) agreed The Litter and Fly-tipping Reduction Strategy and Action Plan to tackle behaviours that damage the environment. 

Councillor Colin Swansborough, Cabinet member for Climate Change, Place Services and Special Projects, said: “We are stepping up our work to reduce littering and related anti-social activities which are a blight on the town’s beautiful surroundings. 

“It is a sad fact that some people do not respect the cleanliness of our public spaces and either drop litter, fail to clear up after their dog and even illegally fly-tip their unwanted rubbish. 

“Whenever it is possible to identify the culprits, they are being punished either by a fine or if appropriate, face prosecution in court. They need to know this is wholly unacceptable behaviour.” 

The council’s Neighbourhood First officers look for evidence to identify those responsible before Environment First colleagues carry out the swift removal in cases of littering, fly-tipping and graffiti. 

The council continues to increase the number of litter and dog poo bins as well as replacing any that are damaged.   

Meanwhile, support is being extended to provide community groups with equipment for litter picking. 

Councillor Swansborough added: “On a positive note, we regularly see a great turnout of volunteers for community litter pick events and my thanks to these people who do fantastic work in helping us to improve the cleanliness of Eastbourne.” 

Residents are encouraged to report fly-tipping using the Report It smartphone app or on our website.   

Visit www.lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk/streets-parking-and-travel/report-fly-tipping/