EASTBOURNE Borough Council leader David Tutt is concerned about new planning laws.

He says they would mean the local planning process would almost be irrelevant.

He said: 2With so much of the news concentrating on Covid-19 it is easy to miss other things which are happening. 

“One of which is a Government White Paper, which seeks to change Planning Law.  Whilst I consider the current planning laws to be far from perfect, some of the proposed changes cause me real concern. 

“For example, currently large developments have to make a contribution to provide local infrastructure such as schools, roads and street lighting, but in future this will be replaced with a levy payable to the national exchequer. 

“On initial reading it also looks as if local decision making will be further eroded.  I believe that it is important that planning decisions are taken by local people and not directed from Whitehall. 

“The paper is currently out for consultation and if you are interested in planning you might want to read it.”