A ‘meticulous’ programme of savings and efficiencies is helping to bring the council’s finances back on track in the wake of an unprecedented shortfall due to Covid-19, says the Leader of the Council. 

Councillor David Tutt’s comments follow a report to Cabinet last night (July 14) that showed a surplus of £1.488m is projected this year, taking into account planned savings, efficiencies and borrowing. 

He said: “The pandemic brought unprecedented pressures on our finances with losses last summer alone of more than £6 million, with incomes badly hit during lockdown and increased demand for services. 

“Early on, we launched a Recovery and Reset Programme to meet out financial challenges head-on and I am delighted with progress made so far with much thanks to meticulous work by staff in scrutinising every area of the council’s expenditure.” 

Councillor Tutt added: “Looking ahead, there is still much work to be done over the coming years, but these initial steps have given us a solid foundation to build on towards ensuring a sustainable financial future.”