TODAY the council starts asking what residents in Eastbourne think of having their bins collected every two weeks and not every week.

Eastbourne Borough Council has launched a consultation over proposed changes to waste collections in Eastbourne that would increase recycling, save energy and help tackle climate change.

This includes a proposal to move to ‘alternate weekly collections’ which means we would collect waste one week and recycling the next.

A council spokesman said: “We are currently one of the few remaining local authorities in the UK which still collects waste weekly and there is clear evidence that moving to alternate weekly collections increases recycling.

“Your collection day would stay the same and we would still offer assisted collections to anyone who needs them.

“We are carrying out this consultation to find out how the changes would affect people in Eastbourne and what measures we might need to put in place to help residents under the new arrangements.

“To find out more and to respond visit…/consultation-on…/

“We have published a frequently asked questions document which we’ll keep updated over the course of the consultation, which closes on Monday 21 December 2020.”