THE Friends of Eastbourne Seafront have strongly criticised Councillor Margaret Bannister today.

But is it fair?

“Dog friendly or not?

Councillor Margaret Bannister has refused to allow entry to dogs in the DQ cafe in the Council owned Welcome Building.

Dogs are allowed in the information part of the building and can walk out to the Terrace but banned from sitting with their owners in the DQ cafe. Councillor Bannister seems to be undermining the great work of Visit Eastbourne, the tourism arm of the Council , as Cabinet member for Tourism shouldnt she be supporting them in their efforts. Whatever you think of dogs in public places this is a massive Council contradiction.

Visit Eastbourne have recently entered the town in to a national dog friendly destination competition and supported and funded a number of dog friendly initiatives in the town including our own Dog friendly Eastbourne Guide, which is distributed by the Council in the not so welcome, Welcome Building.”