Councillors in Old Town and Upperton have donated £700 towards an art installation at the Gingerbread Café in Gildredge Park. 

They app​roved applications of £350 from each ward through Eastbourne Borough Council’s Devolved Budget scheme for mural boards to cover graffiti on the building. 

The café and surrounding walls have become a frequent target for graffiti and it is hoped the new artwork will prevent any further defacing of the building. 

Additionally, Old Town councillors have given their support to the new Community Fridge for Old Town to help the estimated 450 families in food poverty across the ward. 

Their £500 award to Victoria Baptist Church in Eldon Road has helped set up the project for those who struggle to make their weekly shopping budget stretch far enough. 

The Community Fridge tackles food waste by taking excess produce from shops and making it available to the community.

For more information visit OldTownCommunityFridge on Facebook.