THESE days driver Keith Moore is on first name terms with many of his passengers.

By Jeremy Head, Cuckmere Community Buses

How did you end up becoming a volunteer bus driver?

I joined because driving is a passion of mine and always has been. I found out about Cuckmere Buses requiring drivers, by reading the advert on the back of one of their buses. I have been driving for around a year and it’s great fun. Although the buses are quite a bit bigger than a car, they are surprisingly easy to drive. Training was really well organised. I did several drives with an instructor on two different buses and then a simple driving theory test.

How often do you drive and how many routes do you know?

 I usually drive about six or seven times a month, but it’s totally up to you how often you drive. My routes are the 126 connecting Seaford and Berwick and the 120 Seaford town service.

What’s your favourite drive and why?

 My favourite drive is the 126 because I’ve got to know the passengers really well. We’re like friends these days. I enjoy their company, and hope that they enjoy mine! The service is often quite busy and the time passes surprisingly quickly.

What’s the best thing about driving for CCB?

The best part is the thanks from passengers for an invaluable service. It really inspires me to carry on driving for as long as I can.

To find out more about becoming a driver call 07711 243419 or email