LAST Saturday’s naked charity walk on the Cuckoo Trail sparked more than 100 comments on our Facebook page.

Some were for the 20 or so walkers, some against.

One lady said she was offended by what she saw.

Well, Nothing On Events organised the walk, and said: “It’s a shame you felt offended by the human body. I’m sure you may learn to appreciate its usefulness as time goes on as it’s quite literally the only thing that gets you through every single day of your life.

Anyway, just to educate the author and any readers of the article, being naked in public is no more of an offence than wearing yellow shorts.

The law (please Google college of policing guidelines) suggests that a person’s actions are what is judged rather than their fashion choices. As naturists (or any non-clothed person), we can go about any normal and lawful business without clothes as long as the intention isn’t to cause alarm and distress… neither of which being the case here.

It would be interesting to see if any of the walkers write an article titled, “clothed walkers break countryside etiquette by rudely ignoring polite salutations.”

Nothing On Events is here to provide events for naturists, the naturist-curious and anybody else who is willing to participate in different activities in the nude.

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