The family-run business has been in the community for 4 decades, employs over 40 local people and has supported hundreds, if not thousands, of local families and individuals over the years; it’s stuck around for a reason.

First, here’s their timeline:

  • Started at 409 Seaside Rd in 1981, a shop which was originally Joan Blackhurst Hairdressing
    • Originally the shop was run by father and son, Derek Baxter (who had started the company in Luton 10 years before making the decision to move to the coast) and Andrew, who was 16.
    • They were joined shortly after by Andrew’s older brother David, and over time the third of the three brothers, Robert when he was old enough (he was still at school at the time at of originally opening)
  • Other shops have been trialled in the town over the years, but the original site has proven to be home. It is still the DB shop site today, and now spans numbers 407 to 423!
  • Two of the employees who joined at the same time are still here!
    • Richard Murrell started in 1983 
    • Darren Mace 1986
  • Among the 40+ employees who work at DB Domestics, there are now 3 generations of the Baxter family, including Andrew, David and Robert’s partners, and several of Derek’s grandchildren

Amazing support

  • DB Domestics sponsors local sports clubs and charities including some bowling clubs and the following football clubs:
    • Eastbourne Borough
    • Eastbourne Town 
    • Eastbourne United 
  • The brand is often approached and is supportive of many other local events

40th Anniversary Celebrations

  • To kick off the month-long celebration of the 40th Anniversary, the showroom was decorated with blue, yellow and gold balloons installed by a local party company, and DB cakes were created by a local baker to be given to customers
  • All staff gathered for a fun filled photo session in the sun
  • The staff were joined in store over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd by countless well wishers and people who had been part of the DB journey over the years
  • Derek, who is now retired, had a wonderful day back in the store, surrounded by family and friends

Derek Baxter said “We would like to say thank you to all of our customers over the years for supporting our family business. We are fortunate to have many long serving staff and a great fitting and service team too. So thank you one and all for your loyal support. It means the world.” 

Tom Baxter, Grandchild and Sales Manager said:“It’s great to be part of our family business and to be able to continue to drive it forward with new services such as kitchens and online shopping to support the ever changing local community.” 

Photo Credit: Dreamlife Photography, Eastbourne