A Sussex Police officer has been dismissed from the force without notice after breaches of the standards of professional behaviour were proven at a gross misconduct hearing.

The Detective Constable, known as Officer A, failed to properly disclose CCTV footage and mobile phone data evidence for a criminal trial, breaching the police’s standards of professional behaviour for duties and responsibilities, and discreditable conduct.

The officer also emailed a colleague asking them not to mention in court that the CCTV existed, breaching the standards of professional behaviour for honesty and integrity, and discreditable conduct.

The officer’s actions caused the criminal trial to collapse.

The matter was referred to, and subsequently investigated by, the Independent Office for Police Conduct who shared their findings with the force. It was agreed by both parties that the officer had a case to answer for gross misconduct hearing, which concluded on Wednesday (23 December).

Chief Superintendent Lisa Bell, head of the force’s professional standards department, said: “Today’s result recognises the absolute significance of maintaining the integrity around the criminal justice process and our commitment to observe the law in this regard.

“Officer A Not only failed to meet her obligations but she tried to conceal her actions, which is a position which we cannot tolerate.

“It is vital that we maintain public confidence in the criminal justice system and in this case she failed to do this.”