Plans to create an elective surgery hub in Eastbourne have been welcomed by councillors.

Locals moan that we are getting a raw deal from the DGH.

Well, read this from Hastings councillor Mike Turner (Lab), who has questioned why the new hub was not being built at the Conquest.

He thinks Eastbourne is getting a much better deal than Hastings.

He said: “I look around me when I go to the Conquest Hospital and all I see are portacabins everywhere that gives the impression of something very temporary indeed. At Eastbourne, it is new build this and new build that. The Conquest hospital, to me, looks like it is being run down.”

In response, NHS representatives stressed that the project was partly intended to replace surgical theatres in need of significant maintenance at the DGH. They added that surgical theatres in a similar position at the Conquest had recently been refurbished.

Hubs are intended to reduce waiting lists by focussing on high volume routine surgeries.