OUR story at 5pm last night about the urgent warning from the DGH was shocking.

Our DGH, our wonderful hospital, is at bursting point.

Let’s recap on the key points. Our Trust has:

around five times the number of Covid-19 positive inpatients than it had at the height of the first wave.

around half of its beds occupied by Covid-19 positive patients.

surgical wards have been converted into medical wards.

routine operations cancelled.

home births and births suspended at the DGH.

They are some of the headlines. They make bleak reading.

We must applaud all our NHS staff. What a fantastic job they are doing.

Our job is to follow the rules and act like we have Covid.

That will save lives.

The DGH will never have seen anything like this.

Eastbourne will never have seen anything like this.

Let’s hope we can come through this…………….