A COVID patient at the DGH has revealed what life is like inside our hospital.

Grant de Jongh is Chief Executive of the Health Practice Associates Council based in Upperton Road, Eastbourne.

This is his posting: “The hospital ward I am on is packed with COVID patients, staff say they have had to convert other wards to COVID wards.

Nurses are really struggling to keep up with it all, I see it getting worse each night here.

They are supposed to be one nurse per bay of six patients, but last night they were operating at one nurse to twelve patients, even more at one stretch in the night.

Staff is being constantly swapped around the hospital wards according to the constant changes in demand. Any statements about empty COVID wards in the hospital are simply nonsense.

Using a picture taken two months or even two weeks ago of empty wards to describe today’s situation is about as logical as showing a hungry person a picture of a meal that was made a week ago to reassure him there is food, but never actually providing the patient with a meal.

This is getting intense and I can understand when every now and then during the day I hear the NHS staff sounding a bit upset talking about people accusing them of some kind of clandestine lie or cover up, when the reality is they are working their socks off and are never caught up.

With all my love to everyone please, once again, take the virus seriously.”