A DISTRESSED woman from Willingdon has slammed a neighbour who demanded an ambulance crew move their vehicle before treating her sick mother.

Karen Walker says there is no community spirit in Willingdon after what happened yesterday.

Her mother is now fighting for life.

Karen said: “My lovely mum was rushed to hospital early yesterday morning.

“The paramedic car parked outside OUR drive and one of the neighbours opposite us had a go at the paramedic as he wanted to go to work.

“He did not want the paramedic to park where he was. The paramedic wanted the ambulance to park outside our house.

“The paramedic had blue lights going, he then had to pack all his equipment back in the car and move!

“The neighbour could have easily gone the other way to work!

“My mum is now fighting for her life in hospital and I can’t visit my darling mum Because of Covid.

“This so called neighbour clapped for the NHS. May karma visit you one day and I hope if an ambulance needs to get to you that someone treats you the same way.

“Please people let the paramedics get life saving treatment started without having a go at them.

“They do an amazing job and don’t need people to act like this!!!”