Wealden District Council has launched a new campaign to help tackle the nationwide litter “trashdemic” that’s blighting our local towns and villages.

The Council hopes that its new anti-littering campaign encouraging people to “Do the right thing!” will help to address the noticeable increase in litter across the District since Government lockdown restrictions have eased. Alongside Keep Britain Tidy’s annual Great British Spring Clean, the Wealden campaign will reinforce how costly littering is to the taxpayer, the environment, and our local wildlife.

“We have long supported the Great British Spring Clean, but given the additional focus that the pandemic has put on littering, now is a good time to do something more” said Cllr Roy Galley, Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Economic Development, Waste Management and HR.

“We have used behavioural science techniques to develop new roadside posters. These will be displayed around the District in areas where littering is most prevalent. We hope that this campaign will make those who do litter stop and think twice. Better still, they will change their behaviour as a result and realise how damaging it is to our society and natural habitats.”

Littering in Wealden contributes to the one million pounds a year the Council spends providing street cleaning services. The Street Scene Team is responsible for the provision of litter and dog waste bins, road sweeping, fly tipping and litter picking.

In addition to the media campaign, the Council is installing an additional 15 new litter bins in Pevensey Bay thanks to money allocated by the European Regional Development Fund’s (ERDF) Welcome Back Fund. Across the District there are 900 general waste and dog waste bins.

Cllr Galley added, “Pevensey Bay is an attractive and popular stretch of Wealden’s coastline. By providing 15 more waste bins we expect to see a significant reduction in the amount of litter left on the beach and in and around the high street. To visitors spending time in any part of Wealden, we politely ask that you take your rubbish home if you’re unable to find a bin, or if bins in the area are full. There really is no excuse for littering.”

Between 28 May and 13 June over 50 individuals and community groups will take to Wealden streets and beauty spots to rid the District of litter. It is expected that together the community will exceed last year’s haul of over 200 bags of waste.

For more information on the Council’s responsibility for litter bins, and how to report an over-flowing bin, visit: https://www.wealden.gov.uk/recycling-and-waste/litter/litter-bins/