EASTBOURNE and Willingdon MP Caroline Ansell has praised the public’s response to her link-up with a local organisation to source unwanted IT equipment so it can be given to local people.

Tubbs Computer Supplies has so far received six laptops, three mobile phones, six monitors, 17 desktops and 12 keyboards through Caroline’s Get Your Kit Out campaign to tackle the digital divide in the town.

Other tech is now awaiting the end of lockdown to be picked up but the need for repurposed computers and other devices continues to expand in the town and Caroline urged people to donate if they have it languishing in cupboards and attics.

Getting the kit to people who need it is making a real difference, she said.

Lena Smith from Old Town asked Tubbs for a laptop for her 10-year-old daughter Katie and it was recently delivered.

She said: “My daughter is 10 years old and dyslexic, she has her SATS coming up next year and the laptop has really helped her access her school work.

“She’s missed a lot of school because of the virus and having to self-isolate and without this laptop she wouldn’t have the help and support she’s getting now.

“It’s been so helpful for us and a huge relief that my daughter now has a laptop donated to us by Tubbs for her to do her schoolwork on.”

Caroline added: “I am really pleased with the response so far but demand for repurposed IT continues to grow in Eastbourne and Willingdon due to the pandemic and I would ask everyone to have a think about what might be around their houses that could help someone like Lena’s daughter.

“Putting this IT kit back into use is making a real difference to local people’s lives and narrowing the digital divide caused by Covid through community action and recycling.

“Many thanks to Chris Hunnisett and his team at Tubbs for all they are doing.”

Caroline added that all hard drives are wiped or replaced so there are no security or privacy issues.

To donate simply text 07872579328 or email donations@tubbscomputersupplies.org or go to Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/tubbscomputersupplies


Notes to editors:

Pictured is Katie Smith doing school work on her Tubbs supplied laptop.