A WOMAN says her dog was badly attacked by another dog in Shinewater Park this morning.

Hannah Isom has taken to social media with a strong message and picture which we legally cannot publish.

She says the dog also attacked her.

She says; “This morning at 9 30am the woman’s dog attacked both me and my dog.

It happened at the entrance to Shinewater Park near the main road, Sevenoaks Road.

My dog was on his lead and hers was off his lead.(not even a harness)

Her dog ran over to my dog totally out of the blue and proceeded to attack my dog.

He went for the face, back and legs.

He wouldnt let go of my dog so the only thing I could do was kick it away.

This lady did not put her dog back on his lead but instead just stood there while I tried to get it off!!!

Then her dog pulled my dog’s harness off him with his teeth so I picked my dog up as I was scared he would run into the main road trying to get away.

While I was holding my dog as high as I could, her dog was jumping up biting my arm and my legs and my dog’s legs trying to yank him back down to have another go on him.

I wouldn’t let go. I then ran into the main road to try and get some help but her dog chased us and just kept biting.

There were cars driving past and they saw it happen.

When she eventually got her dog on the lead she just snarled at me and walked away.

Just been to the vets and cookie is a very lucky boy. Apart from some internal bleeding and huge bruising he is ok.

But this CANNOT happen again.”