A DOG was viciously ATTACKED by another dog who was not on a lead in Willingdon.

It happened on Wednesday in Tott Yew Park.

Here is Natasha Jupp: “My dog has recently had an operation and is allowed small lead walks after no walks for 4 weeks.

This dog came running over and started BITING him constantly whilst my dog couldn’t get away, no blood was drawn thankfully he is just sore.

I was too shocked to say anything, and was checking my dog was ok and he was crying out so much.

My friend who was with me said to the man you need to put your dog on a lead…the man was rude and said to her “what’s it gotta do with you”?

He walked off and didn’t put the dog back on a lead until he left the park, we left before him and waited outside the park.

My dog is a 1 year old chihuahua cross, and didn’t deserve to be attacked.

I think the man said sorry if he scared you to my dog. Scared him????

I thought he was gonna rip him to pieces!

Beware of this dog. He also had a black dog around the same size with him who seemed fine. I would be mortified if my dog had done that to another dog! This man didn’t seem fazed. If your dog is unpredictable..keep it on a lead!”