IT is believed a stolen car was involved in a crash at Exceat Bridge late last night.

One driver had to be cut out of a vehicle, and the Air Ambulance was involved.

Here’s Amanda Rosenberg, who was involved in the accident and says everyone is okay:

“Stolen car… driven erratically at speed came at me head on in an attempt to overtake an ambulance. I to this moment do not know how I avoided collision… he bounced off the ambulance as he cut back in and ricocheted off two further cars behind me.

He got out and ran… leaving an unbelievable mess in his wake.

I believe they apprehend him in the Seaford area.

Really thanking my lucky stars and hoping the unfortunate lady cut from the car recovers.”

Another post says: “He could have killed so many people.

Genuinely do not know how you avoided him, the universe was watching out for you both!

I hope the poor girl who had to be cut out is OK, she really got the brunt of it all, and already had spinal injuries.

He was driving like an absolute nut job, and missed your car by mere centimetres.”

A third post said: “Paramedics called him over for info and he did a runner. They have since caught him because we had pictures and videos. He stole the car from a woman in Pevensey who was loading her shopping in the back and left her keys in the ignition.”

The road has reopened.