A drunk man kicked in a hotel’s front door along Eastbourne seafront on Friday evening.

It happened at the East Beach Hotel.

Here is the owner Heidi: “Had a guest last night kick in the from door. Climbed through the hole in the broken glass, then the lady he was with climbed in too.

I was unsure why at this point he didn’t just open the door for her. After 10ish minutes of him bleeding all over the carpet and being very drunk and stupid he and the lady ran off. Again crawling out of the hole in the glass. Not opening the door to exit!!

Police missed them as took too long to arrive. They went round the corner into Latimer Road. Got into a car and drove off!!! Both very very drunk! Her address was Brighton.

The reason he smashed his way into the hotel was BECAUSE HE LOST THE KEY!! I asked, why did you just not call the number next to the door and we would of come to left you in!!”