Drunks were fighting in broad daylight in Eastbourne Town Centre yesterday (Saturday).

Here is Gary Norton: “All this street drinking’s getting out of control. Yet another fight broke out this afternoon in the middle of the road at the junction between Seaside and Cavendish Place between two guys who could hardly stand let alone fight.

As I was walking past on the pavement with my trolley a huge and confused staffy dog jumped up at me and almost bit me. The owner of the dog was oblivious as he was too engaged in watching the ruckus which was holding up all the traffic. I think the snarling angry dog might well have bit me had I not been quick to say hello in a soft friendly tone of voice as it jumped up at me. It’s almost like it changed it’s mind at the last second.

It’s one thing drinking a can of Fosters in the evening on the way to the boozer but drinking super strength larger from morning til night is a danger to the community.

Enough is enough it’s time to ban street drinking once and for all – like in other towns where the problem persisted …

Think about the reputation Eastbourne must be getting from visitors and holiday makers.

The message must be spreading all over Europe, if you go to England avoid Eastbourne.

Someone’s gotta open up this can of worms of a debate.

Enough already!!!”