FROM the college:

At East Sussex College, our priority is to support our students however we can. This extends beyond the classroom to helping them and their families in the wider community over the Christmas period.

That is why we have launched our winter appeal, to ensure our 500 most in-need students and their families have nutritious meals. We ask colleagues, students, parents, carers, and the wider communities to donate the equivalent of a supermarket meal deal (typically £3-£5) to help feed families in East Sussex. We also pledge to ‘Match Funds’, meaning East Sussex College will match the amount raised, instantly doubling your fundraising efforts.

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This will allow us to support families in need of a helping hand, especially in the run up to Christmas. It’s been a challenging year; the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and current economy sees more people struggling than ever before. Regular family households find themselves in a void, overlooked for benefits, and stretched, with parents foregoing meals in order to feed the children, or worse, the entire family missing out on a nutritious hot meal.

We will provide students with a Tesco e-voucher from money raised. Our Free College Meals funds will also be added, and our ‘Matched Funds’ pledge will top this up. This will make a huge difference and enable us to give students and their families a helping hand at Christmas.