A DOCTOR from East Sussex has posted a powerful Covid warning today.

Kate Yarrow is a frontline senior A&E doctor who lives in Lewes.

She has posted: “Please don’t get complacent. I am a front line senior A&E doctor- and we have seen a VERY significant rise in presentations of sick people (including people dying as they arrive) from Covid this week.

There is a timelag of up to a month (from catching the infection, to becoming seriously unwell, to potentially dying..), so don’t be fooled by extremely small numbers of testing locally.

You should be looking at the bigger picture which is the whole of the south-east of England.

For those of you who may be non-believers in Covid, I have absolutely NO reason to be making this up. It’s hard. It’s going to get tougher.

Please just be sensible and cautious, so that we can start to round the bend in the curve of infection rates, to allow everyone a bit more normality at Christmas.

Acting now directly impacts upon what happens over a the next six weeks.”