EASTBOURNE Access Group is one of 99 organisations supporting a petition on a disability survey.

The petition will be posted to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, Justin Tomlinson MP from Eastbourne.

The groups want the National Disability Strategy Survey to be restarted and say it is not fit for purpose.

Here is Eastbourne Access Group: “The petition request the Government immediately withdraw the petition as it is not fit for purpose.

There any many accessibility issues which will exclude disabled people taking part in it.

Many of the questions asked are not fit for purpose.

The survey gives people 6 weeks to respond giving people half the time to respond to it that is agreed by the Government itself.

Anybody not online will probably not even know this consultation is going on.”

They say the current survey and the process leading up to it breaches the Equality Act.

The petition calls for a withdrawal now while they conduct a proper consultation with disabled people’s and carers’ organisations.

They want to see the survey relaunched.