THERE is a public meeting tonight to save Eastbourne Bandstand – and everyone is invited.

Residents are furious with the LibDems on Eastbourne Borough Council.

The meeting starts at 7pm at The Cumberland Hotel – opposite the Bandstand

Resident Kay Warner posted online: “I think people are angry with the Council over the way the bandstand closure was managed. That has led to dissatisfaction over a general lack of transparency. In addition to looking at the background to the bandstand situation, this in turn led to further investigation and yes, the water has turned muddy. I think it’s a good thing that people are taking more interest in the machinations of the Council, but I agree this particular issue needs a sharper focus.”

Debbie Nicholls posted: “Save Eastbourne Bandstand action group was formed just over two weeks ago. Our only objective is to see the Bandstand repaired, restored and reopened. Our focus is on highlighting the neglect of the Bandstand by Eastbourne Borough Council to the point where it has been closed indefinitely due to safety concerns.”