AN Eastbourne Borough charity game involving famous Tik Tokkers and social media stars was abandoned on Friday after a pitch invasion.

The club stadium was hired by some “famous” Tik Tokkers and “social media stars” for a charity football game in aid of local charities.

Unfortunately due to some incidents during the game, involving some fans entering the pitch the game was abandoned.

After the players had left the field there was an invasion of the pitch by the large crowd present.

After they had been ushered out of the stadium, the crowd continued to cause disturbances in the car park surrounding the cars of anyone deemed as “famous” on social media.

Here is Boro CEO Dave Blackmore: “At this point, in order to assist in maintaining people’s safety, the police were called and attended the ground. There were no arrests and at this point the crowd dispersed very quickly.

Whilst this match had no association with the club, our stewards, and a number of volunteer coaches and staff who happened to be at the ground, stepped in and controlled the whole situation calmly and with great efficiency given the numbers in attendance.

These actions received high praise from the police who attended, and I would like to pass on my thanks and gratitude on behalf of all at the club for all involved in helping. A few people tried to post on our social media about the incident on Friday evening. This was either in an attempt to paint the club in a negative light, or to invite others to attend what was happening.

As a club we decided to block these posts so that the situation did not escalate further due to irresponsible and unnecessary posts. This action again was applauded by the authorities, and I hope you will all understand the need to limit and censor these posts. Hopefully many charities will still benefit despite the unfortunate scenes of the evening. Once again a huge thank you to all the people who stepped in to help the club they love.”