The Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council has confirmed the authority has no financial ties to the Russian government following a review of contracts and investments.

The review was instigated after international sanctions were imposed on Russia for invading Ukraine and attacking cities and residential areas.

Councillor David Tutt said: “We stand in solidarity with the Ukranian people and it is heart-breaking to see the violence they are suffering at the hands of Vladimir Putin’s troops.

“We support the West’s economic sanctions on the Russian government to cut off funding for this invasion and like many other councils and other organisations, we have conducted a review to check whether any of our contracts have Russian links.

“I am glad to say none were identified, however we continue to look for further ways of showing our support for Ukraine at this frightening and painful time.”

As a mark of solidarity, the council is currently flying a Ukranian flag over the town hall.

East Sussex residents keen to help Ukraine in this time of crisis should visit