A BOOK of Condolence has been set up to remember the murdered policeman Sgt Matiu Ratana.

Eastbourne Mayor Steve Wallis said: “The country has been rightly shocked, upset and dismayed by the high-profile killings of PC Andrew Harper in August 2019 and Sgt Matiu Ratana in September 2020.

“However, on average, five serving police officers die each year and an incredible 30,000 are injured annually in the line of duty.  

“We need to recognise the valiant work the 123,000 serving police officers in England and Wales.

“Their hard work and bravery help keep us all safe from those that wish to do us harm.  

“I am proud to add my name to the online book of condolence to those officers who have lost their lives while serving, as well as recognising the bravery of all police officers.”

Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council, Cllr David Tutt added, “Here in Eastbourne we work closely with the police on several joint projects, their dedication and professionalism cannot go unrecognised and I urge the residents of this town to add their names to the book of condolence and by so doing demonstrate their abhorrence of these despicable acts.’

Click here https://www.lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk/eastbourne-borough-council-news/eastbourne-borough-council-honours-the-police-forces-of-england-and-wales/police-book-of-condolence/